Web Design Company Explains The Benefits To Small Businesses of Developing an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce is a very important aspect of website development. To be able to sell your products and services to a target market that may be located thousands of miles away, a website has to have full e-commerce capability; the ability to accept orders, process payments and deliver the product/service that the client paid for.

Why is this important? Humans have an instinct for impulse buying, especially when given access to buying anything without paying for it immediately. This has been made possible by credit cards. A combination of the impulse buying instinct and having access to credit purchases can be used by website owners to their advantage.

Studies have shown that 60% of website visitors looking to buy something online are more likely to purchase when prompted to do so immediately through a checkout page than if they had to make the payment offline to a bank account. This is what has given birth to e-commerce.

With over $149 billion spent on online transactions in the first quarter of 2010 by China alone, the importance of websites having e-commerce capability can not be overemphasized. To survive in today’s online marketplace, a web business must incorporate a good e-commerce module as part of its website development project.

What makes a good e-commerce module? An e-commerce module should be able to perform the following functions for a website:

  1. Transform a website into a retail shop that is open 24/7.
  2. Confer an ability to sell worldwide.
  3. Possess an effective content management system that gives the web business owner complete control to manage products, prices, inventory, payment methods, delivery/shipping costs, promotion codes/discount coupons, customer marketing by email, manage downloadable products.
  4. Possess a cookie-enabled checkout system to track returning customers as studies have shown that customers are turned off by having to fill out several pages of ordering details repeatedly.

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